Daniel Shapiro Part IV

dan reads in cambridge 3.7.13 (1)The final questions with Daniel Shapiro and another sampling of his work.

VAH – Do you have a favorite, inspiring quote?

DAS – I’ve been a fan of Borges as long as I’ve known about him. He once said, “Writing is nothing more than a guided dream.”

VAH – What are three random non-writing related facts about you?

DAS – I still listen to heavy metal from time to time. My 4-year-old son’s favorite song is “Iron Man.” I have the worst sense of direction of anyone. I have gotten lost inside my own house before. I moved to Pittsburgh nearly seven years ago and have adopted many habits of native Pittsburghers. I like to say “yinz.” I’m an English teacher, but I’ve been known to drop “to be” and say, “These clothes need washed.” I eat pierogies. I enjoy chipped chopped ham now and then. I am a Steelers fan. I refer to places that no longer exist. I love Pittsburgh in a big way.

Daniel’s Chapbook The 44th Worst Album Ever and a Sampler of his work online: at Softblow.org, The Camel Saloon, and at Orange Room Reviewdan at fallingwater 3.28.13 (1)

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