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Sharing a Resource

A resource I continually return to is Joel Friedlander’s website The Book Designer. There you’ll find a wealth of information that I’ve written about on this site before. Right now, he’s got a terrific promotion for his book design templates with a free download of all five of his self-publishing guides with any purchase, even just a $5 gift certificate! Even if you don’t have a writer friend who would benefit from a gift certificate or you aren’t quite ready for that fiction, nonfiction or children’s book template or very useful book proposal template – gift your buddy, your mom, your neighbor with a simple gift certificate so you – Independent Author – can benefit from Joel’s generosity. Really though, if you’re an independent author – you just might want to give his templates a try. The free eBooks are a great incentive and bonus. Click the banner below for more information.


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Indie Author Stops on the Information Super Highway

Today’s post is about two very useful sites I visit often. Both have useful and interesting topics posted daily that provide insight and information for any emerging writer or indie author.

First is Joel Friedlander and The Book Designer blog where over 700 articles are available that guide and educate authors through the publishing process. Discussions covering diverse aspect of publishing a book are covered from fonts and using aspects of specific word processing programs to self publishing do it yourself issues. Blogging and book design, E-books and E-readers, Marketing and Reviews, Social Media and Webinars, Blog carnivals and guest posts – Joel Friedlander has created a clearinghouse of information for authors. The tag line for The Book Designer is “Practical advice to help build better books,” and that is exactly what the site visitor finds. Looking for more detailed, specific ways to improve your own author toolbox? Check out Tools and Resources, want to invest in some training, click on Training Courses for classes that Joel offers and Books and Guides for links to order his books. Joel Friedlander is a recognized authority in self publishing and book design. Just reading the free resources on this blog provides an informative apprenticeship in self publishing with exposure to many other perspectives via the blog carnival and guest posts that are also part of the site. This is a stop on the information super highway that belongs on every blog roll. Visit often. Follow Joel Friedlander on Twitter @Carnival_Indies and @JFBookman

Next up is Molly Greene who blogs her journey as an indie author with frequent guest posts that will help someone looking at the independent author route make more informed decisions and maybe prevent a few regretful ones made from lack of information. Molly blogs her personal experience, with occasional bits from her real life, resulting in an informal, chat around the kitchen table atmosphere. She talks about the challenges and opportunities for indie authors and brings in occasional experts with interesting perspectives. I’ve returned to Molly’s site numerous times for a refresher on Createspace verses Lightning Source for self-publishing – a vital bit of self-education for the indie author. Looking for helpful, effective tools for promotion and use of social media, Molly Greene has some insights to share. When scrolling down my twitter feed, Molly is one of the authors I most often retweet, her information is always timely to what I as an emerging indie author is interested in reading and need for improving my promotion and self marketing. Another stop on the information super highway worth visiting. Follow Molly Greene on Twitter @MollyGreene.

There are many resources on the web in the community of writers and independent authors. Actually, there are numerous circles (or tribes) of writers and there are many more helpful sites out there. These are two I visit on a recurring basis which makes them definitely worth sharing.

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SF Writers Conference Done

The San Francisco Writers Conference for 2012 is done and it was four days of well invested time towards developing my writing career. Tanya Egan Gibson, Author of How to Buy a Love of Reading, and I once again led a workshop on Writing Groups and Critique. (If you haven’t read Tanya’s book – Get it! How to Buy a Love of Reading is a page turner, can’t put down read.) This year’s conference was even more exciting for me as No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique was published as e-book and in print and I received the advance copies Friday at the conference. Everyone that attended the workshop received a free advance copy. For those that missed the conference (see you next year), until March 15, 2012, you can download a free copy of No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups and Critique via smashwords using the coupon KL78N. Find copies where ever e-books are sold.

Once again, the poets rocked the house with several well attended small workshops, a great reading by the faculty with music, and late into the night open mike. This is an after-hours event that is absolutely the place to be on Saturday night of the conference.

Following the conference, I attended the San Francisco Writers University sponsored Self Publishing Bootcamp with industry leaders Carla King, Brian Felsen, Joel Friedlander, and Dean of SF Writers U,  Laurie McLean. A well spent day! Wish I’d taken the class before I embarked on the self-publishing trail.

Now the hard work of post conference recovery, follow up on all those contacts, and use that renewed energy the conference always creates to boost productivity. There are submissions to get sent out!

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