And Then They Were Done…


The final 85 poems for the Pulitzer Remix project have posted. Taking part in this project was an experience that I won’t soon forget and will likely remain one of my writing life memories that I will cherish. In this project, I met a deadline to have a new poem, found from my assigned source text, every day for a month. I varied the forms some over the thirty poems but in the process discovered that I really like writing a narrative thread within the poetry I create. I discovered two Remixers (as we started calling ourselves) that lived locally to me and made other online writer friends with some of the other participants. I read some lovely, challenging, funny, striking, entertaining and so much more poetry across the span of April.

Working with a finite resource of words, for me what was found on two facing pages from the source, meant that I had to be exact with my selections. Each poem found was created with the anticipation similar to searching for the prize in a Cracker Jack box – not the prizes now, but the really cool ones from decades past.

I don’t really know how I was on the list of poets invited to participate. I am very glad, and grateful that I was. Jenni B. Baker over at the Found Poetry Review created a tremendous opportunity for poets that participated. I’m proud of what we collectively and individually created. There is some very beautiful wordsmithing over at Pulitzer Remix. If you’ve not read the work there, surf over – but hurry because after the middle of May, it will all be gone.

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