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Pulitzer Remix Day Eight

1970-The-Collected-Stories-of-Jean-Stafford-FeaturedToday’s installment of Found Poetry for the Pulitzer Remix project is entitled Playtime. The source story for this poem was The Hope Chest, pages 116-117 of the The Collected Stores of Jean Stafford. 

Just to recap – found poems look at existing text and then remix the words, producing an entirely new work. Consider the source text as a finite pool or bucket of words (resource) and the poet crafting the poem has the task to create something from only the resources at hand.

For my found poems in this project, all words come from the source. The only occasional exception is the title, which sometimes is also drawn from the source text but sometimes, like the poem itself, is a new reflection of the piece.

Pulitzer Remix is a project of the Found Poetry Review.

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