No Red Pen

Writers, Writing Groups & Critique

Everyone has a story. No one else can tell your story. The process of creating, refining and ultimately releasing it into the wild that is publication in the world needs to be a respectful one. No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is not an overview of writing groups – it is a manifesto for a different paradigm for workshop and critique.

No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is intended for those writers looking for information on what to consider when forming or joining a writers’ group and for writers seeking tools for critiquing work in progress. This is not a how-to book for writers’ groups. There is no discussion of specific craft techniques. There are other books in the market that discuss finer points of writers group administration and many that deal with craft. This book is intended to help the reader make informed choices in the marketplace of writing group workshops and provide useful skills for critique consumers. The act of entrusting one’s written work and exposing that product of imagination, heart, and soul to the criticism of others is a risky and brave action by the writer and a privilege for the reader. No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique provides a toolbox for conducting a writers’ workshop and recommendations for critique that fundamentally respects the writer and the work.

Laura Oliver’s **** review of No Red Pen: Writers, Writing Groups & Critique.

More Reviews.

No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is available for $1.99 at Smashwords, Apple’s iBookstoreBarnes and NobleKobo.

Find it in print at DieselAmazon, or Barnes and Noble.

Buy your print or Ebook ($2.99 Kindle) copy at Amazon.

A portion of sales benefit the annual Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Prize.

“It’s good to be reminded that “the basics” about how to be in or lead a writing group really do exist AND they can be clearly transmitted. In NO RED PEN, a clear thinker and an incredibly organized writer takes us through all the steps. Every teacher of writing from high school through graduate school should have a copy of Vicki Hudson’s very fine handbook. I found a gem in every chapter.

” Eloise Klein Healy, Founder and Editor, Arktoi Books,,

8 responses to “No Red Pen

  1. I hear you (regarding the challenge) – I seem to have a mess of things piling up for Spring, but am looking forward to them, so it’s all good. Maybe it’ll help me learn to get organized. I’ll look for you in the Found Poetry halls. Good luck!

  2. The book looks great Vicki and your survey was great timing for me as well. I recently co-founded a local poetry reading/workshop group and have been thinking about blogging our experience, how to set up a workshop group, etc. It does seem that local writing groups are few and I think they are actually pretty easy to get going for no cost. I’m hoping to encourage others to create in-person groups and should be able to recommend your book along the way. I ordered the book and look forward to reading it! See you in the Found Poetry Review challenge!

  3. Thanks for this link Vicki…I own a copy of No Red Pen and find it helpful when critiquing others work as well as when going over my own work. I’ve been following most of your mini interviews also. Are you going to be doing this year’s Found Poetry challenge?

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