Thanks and gratitude to those individuals who have contributed to my writing related fundraising campaigns. May your karma bank be overflowing.

The fundraising campaign WriteVickiWrite has ended, raising 78.17% of the goal towards $2300. This support enabled my participation with two writing residency conferences summer 2013. Both resulted in new work, gained tools and increased skill in the craft of writing. I’m grateful for the support.

Contributions are still accepted on the WriteVickiWrite site and will be used towards future writing residency expenses.

Here’s my video I am the Writing, the Writing is Me:


Victoria Crook

Jay McKeral

Lenny Earl

Rosemary Graham

Star Lara

Sharon Ingraham

Janet Hardy

Andi Cumbo

Greg Stolze

Roberta Notrangelo

Mary Ann Gonsalves

Fred Norman

Zeke Stokes

Sheila Sondik

Sheelagh Stirling

Aaron Stanton

Victoria Cruz

Tatjana Plitt

Starlyn Lara

Lisa Geisinger

Lois Bukowski

Nina Amir


Miriam Raskin

Sarah LaCasse

Molly Barrett

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