Free No Red Pen

The giants at Amazon want me to make them the exclusive distributors of my work if I want to conduct marketing specials by making the work free. That would limit availability to just I’m just not all that interested in driving sales to a sole provider at the expense of other providers or at the expense of widening availability for access to my work. So, instead of signing up for KDP Select which would have enabled me to make my book, No Red Pen: Writers, Writing Groups & Critique free for a few days of the month and open the book up for lending within the Amazon universe with a bit of profit out of that; I made my book free everywhere else. So, for the next, I dunno, month or so, No Red Pen: Writers, Writing Groups, & Critique is free at smashwords, and once smashwords does its monthly update, free in all the other venues serviced by smashwords for distribution. So, you’ll still have to pay to download the ebook version onto your Kindle, but for any other device, it will be free.

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