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After SFWC – Kristen Falso Capaldi

Last month, Kristen Falso Capaldi, the recipient of the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Prize 2015, spent a weekend in San Francisco at the San Francisco Writers Conference. Read about her adventure at the conference. On her blog, she writers:

“Many writers will attest to this: It’s hard to say “I’m a writer” without feeling like some kind of fraud. It’s so much easier to say I’m a teacher, a baker, candle-stick maker (well, maybe not the last one). And while none of us should be in it for the rewards, rewards certainly don’t hurt.

So when I received the exciting news that I won the Victoria Hudson Emerging Writer Prize, I was just a bit more than ecstatic. Winning this scholarship to attend the 2015 San Francisco Writers Conference meant a great deal to me. “Yippee!” I shouted to no one in particular. “I am a writer-albeit in a mostly unpaid-wallpapering-my-house-with-rejections kind of way- but I’m a writer.” After four days jam-packed with eye-opening and inspiring sessions, where I met cool, interesting people who are toiling away at a plethora of amazing projects, I declare that nobody should be afraid to admit to being a writer. In fact, get a t-shirt or a tattoo. Get both.”

Read more here.

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