Post Napa Valley Writers Conference

The 2013 Napa Valley Writers Conference has concluded. A beautiful venue deep in the California Napa Valley wine country. IMG_5061Exceptional faculty and participants from all over the country and even some international attendees. Poetry and Fiction with five intense days. Delicious mostly vegetarian breakfast and lunch meals prepared by the Napa Valley College Culinary school. Since I attended for poetry, I won’t attempt to speak to the fiction experience. For the poets though – WOW! This is very much a working conference – poets produce new work daily. Days are long with the first craft class at 9 am and the nightly readings ending about 8:45 pm. In between is an hour for lunch (provided) and a couple hours for dinner (on your own). The rest of the time is chock full with craft, workshop, more craft and panels. Every night was a faculty poet and fiction author reading.

IMG_5072For me, this conference provided great transformation in my journey as a poet. While the pace was brutal, the workshops were not. Camille T. Dungy was my workshop leader and by far, this was the best workshop experience I’ve had to date.  Each day a little different with variations on the workshop process. Highly adaptable, Camille easily switched up or changed up her plan for the day based upon the needs as presented by the students and the progress we were making. Her prompts were demanding and the poetry birthed from them provided us with insight and innovation into our craft. Respect for the writer, the writing and the process was always evident.

I particularly enjoyed and appreciated when she called me out on my own workshop critique pet peeve. “We don’t say like or don’t like…” given that is a fundamental in my own book, No Red Pen: Writers, Writing Groups & Critique,  there was a certain irony to her holding us to that standard and having to remind me mid-workshop.

This is a conference I can highly recommend. I will be applying to return next summer.


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2 responses to “Post Napa Valley Writers Conference

  1. Thanks for the comment and for ordering my book! I’m glad there is something useful in it for you. I’ve found working on FPR challenging, interesting and fun.

  2. The conference sounds amazing Vicki and your writing about your book reminded me to tell you (finally) that I own it! It’s great…I ordered it during April and got it some time in May, I think. I haven’t run a workshop for a long time but do go to quite a few and am always looking for writing groups (am involved in several on-line) … like the advice about critiquing (tactfully) especially…something I don’t think I can ever be reminded about too often. Even just reading the poems for the FPR has been a lesson in framing ways to say “I’m not sure, or I don’t like this etc.” without being flat-out rude sometimes…I’ve enjoyed it mostly tho’, don’t know about you.

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