Sarah Bracey White Part IV

Welcome back to the final installment with Poet Sarah Bracey White. In part IV there’s a little bit more of the writing life and a few interesting facts Sarah shares with us. Sarah 6

VAH: Sarah, the blank page stares back at you, what gets you over writers block?

SBW: Usually I have so many things percolating on my mental back burner that when I get a chance to sit down at the computer, I don’t have time for writer’s block. I also visualize page after page flying out of my printer as I print out the completed work.

VAH: Percolating is an excellent image. That’s how I think about ideas swimming around in my brain also. Now, the brass tacks of the writing life – what do you do in order to keep up with what you send out and results of your submissions?

SBW: I wish I were more organized about submissions. I print out the cover letter and put it in a folder marked “submissions.” When CavanKerry Press called me to say that they had selected my book for publication from all the submissions they received during their open call, I had to ask them what book had I submitted to them. The Managing Editor laughed at me. It had been six months since I submitted and I assumed that I’d been rejected once again.

VAH: That’s a great writing story. Let’s move away from writing a bit. What little known fact about you will amaze and/or amuse?

SBW: I’m a gardener who’s afraid of worms and I always wanted to be a back up dancer for Tina Turner.

VAH: When I first saw your photo, I thought of Tina Turner. How fun. What is your favorite, inspiring quote and why it works for you?

SBW: “Live as if there’s no tomorrow; but plan for one just in case.” I wrote that quote because the promise of writing success is far-fetched, but the joy of writing fulfills me. Thus, I do both things, and thrive.

VAH: What are three random non-writing related facts about you?

SBW: I’ve taught firefighting. I’m a good ballroom dancer and cook. I’m very spiritual.

VAH: I think we could add a whole ‘nother series of interview questions off those three. We’re going to leave the readers wondering!

It’s your last meal – what would you eat?

SBW: A Maryland Crab Imperial appetizer, baked butterfly shrimp, macaroni and cheese, corn muffins, coleslaw, root beer soda, and banana pudding for dessert.

VAH: And why?

SBW: It would be my last meal because I was embarking on a life in an alternate universe where food and other physical things don’t exist.

VAH: Sounds like a story percolating. Thank you Sarah for taking the time to participate in Three by Five. Readers, below are some links to Sarah’s work and Sarah on the web.

Fiction: The Wanderlust

Interview in January 7, 2013

Memoir: Primary Lessons at CavanKerry Press

Dreaming In Color Living in Black and White, Page 39 Sarah Bracey White

Introducing Sarah Bracey White, Part I, Part II, Part III

Find Sarah on the web: WebsiteTwitter.

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