Sarah Bracey White – Part II

Welcome back to Three by Five and part II with Sarah Bracey White.

VAH: Sarah -what is your full time job and how do you feed your writing?
SBW: I am an arts consultant to a Westchester, NY town of 83,000 people. I curate exhibits by local artists in public buildings, manage a writing program for young children (I designed the program as I would have wanted when I was a young writer), sponsor a poetry contest for poets of all ages, manage a group of poets who take poetry into underserved places like hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, prisons, etc. I also edit several publications and write grants to fund all my programs. The job challenges my creative side and feeds my love of people, which in turn fuels my writing.sarah 2

VAH: This is one of my favorite questions: What books or authors keep you up at night (because you can’t put them down)?
SBW: All of Reynolds Price’s early books, especially Kate Vaiden; Shogun, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I especially love self-help books.
VAH: What about a movie about your life and times, who would play you? What would the theme song be, and why?
SBW: Now this is an interesting question because I’ve often heard that I’ve lived a cinematic life. Maybe Kimberly Elise or Thandi Newton. The theme song would be Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” (LOL.) I like to think that I’ve led a quiet, circumspect life. But I really haven’t!

VAH: If you had a super power, what would it be and why that one?
SBW: It would be the ability to change into anyone I want to be because that’s been my quest all my life. As a writer, I get the chance to create characters and delve into their minds.
I’d also like to be able to time-travel. During my younger years, so much seemed unimportant that I forgot to remember things that would make my non-fiction writing easier. Some parts of my life traumatized me and I “forgot” things in order to stay sane. If I could go back in time and relive some of my early experiences, I’d pay closer attention – maybe even keep a journal. It would enrich my writing.
VAH: I’m with you there. I eschewed journal writing since all my friends seemed to do so, now I wish I’d kept such better records for the same reason – to help remember and write those stories. Sarah, are you a finish the book once you’ve started kind of reader or leave it for another if don’t like the book sort of reader?
SBW: If a book doesn’t grab my interest quickly, I stop reading it. I don’t waste time doing anything that doesn’t meet a need for me. However, if the book has been recommended by someone whose judgment I trust, and they’ve told me I need to keep reading until I get to the good parts, I’ll keep reading. That first happened with Shogun and I was amply rewarded with a great read — my long-time favorite, in fact.
VAH: I couldn’t put Shogun down the first time I read it either.
Here is a sample of Sarah’s writing: The Wanderlust

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