Summer Almost Gone

Summer is almost gone and it has been packed with far too much non-writing time sucks. Much of June was prepping for my Army Reserve annual training which took up half of July. Had a good training expedition to an austere location in the mountains of California – that just means we were out in the boonies without the usual niceties of modern daily life. Upon return had a week to decompress and it was down to SOCAL to visit at Blizzard Entertainment and watch a friend get his 5 year service award (awesome sword) and four days at the mouseland. This month it was all about catching up with the toddler after being gone for so long the month before and next week vacation, again at mouseland only this time at the big one in Florida. After a month without electronics while in the boonies, getting back into the twitter and blog update groove has been slow. Next month I start a new graduate program in multimedia to update my creative skills with modern technology. What will a book look like in five, ten years? I aim to figure that out. Stay tuned.

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