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Independent Creator – Publish an Online Newspaper

Surfing through my twitter feed, I saw something interesting about online newspapers that Molly Greene tweeted. A couple clicks later and all I could say was “COOOOL!” Molly had a guest post by Paul Dorset, a successful author and twitter marketer about a fantastic website, Paper.Li where you can create a curated list from twitter that appears as an online newspaper. Immediately, I set about creating and publishing my own. This is a boon for any indie-author. I’m an independent creator. The idea of easily creating and publish online a product that can highlight what I write, provide a niche service, or publicize a cause or interest is tremendously appealing.

A ton of stuff flies by on twitter once you have more than a couple dozen follows, how do you keep track and catch the important? Lists are a good way, but that is cumbersome and there remains the scrolling through hundreds of posts. Not keeping up with literary magazines was frustrating, so I created the Literary Journal list, an open list of every journal I’ve found on twitter. I’ve added more than 80 but there are scores more. Putting them into the Paper.Li format, I was able to source beyond my list to include others as well using the simple set-up process. This brought the count in Literary Dispatch, my online newsletter, to over 200 journals. The value – many of the literary magazines I send my writing to, I find their calls for submissions via twitter. Anyone can register for an account and build and publish their own paper, free. I opted for the 9 bucks a month so I could customize and remove ads, building my own ad for No Red Pen, Writers, Writing Groups & Critique that links back to a sales site. Additional links on the page link directly back to my web site – a pretty good investment for less than ten dollars, IF Literary Dispatch gets subscribers.

Why add one more widget that demands attention and marketing? I don’t like hawking my book all the time, I’m not the independent publisher equivalent of a door to door salesperson (really, been there, done that). I’ve never liked the constant sales talk from self-employed friends who always have a sales pitch. I do like providing a service that I think meets a need, and curating the literary magazines on Twitter both helps small publications get some notice and creates a resource for finding publication venues.  I think that fills a niche. The marketing advantage is advertising for my book and increased visibility. The writers looking for literary magazines are the audience intended for No Red Pen: Writers, Writing Groups & Critique. Paper.Li is a terrific means for leveraging social media like twitter and, I can source into the feed other web sites as well. Finally, there is the potential to monetize because with the pro level for $9/month I can sell the remaining ad space I don’t use for self marketing. This creates an income stream when leveraging the potential of an online newspaper fed by twitter.

If you’re an Independent Creator too – publish your online newspaper. Come on back and tell me about here.

Paper.Li is a dynamic service with hundreds of possibilities. I see great potential to move my visibility and online presence as an indie author and my book forward.

Read Molly Greene‘s Blog with guest post by Paul DorsetCreate Your Own Newsletter with Paper.Li.

Check out Literary Dispatch and subscribe.

Check out Vicki Hudson – Inditer and subscribe.

Start your own paper at Paper.Li.


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Wealth in 140 Charecters at a Time

Reluctantly last year I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Fundamentally an introvert, I wasn’t all that thrilled about sharing the minutia of mine or other people’s daily living. Didn’t really want such cluttering up my phone’s social media screen. Then I listened to accomplished authors and well known agents discuss how social media and “building a platform” was the 21st century shingle outside of the door. I followed a few friends. Got psyched about poetry and followed some poets. Noticed the ‘similar to you’ post Twitter puts up next to the feed and followed a few of those. Followed a few speakers and presenters from conferences. The end result? I’ve found avenues for submitting my work as call for submissions float across the feed. Learned scores of techniques and practices for improving the marketability of my work. Found a few good reads by following the breadcrumb of a link in a tweet, discovering a new literary magazine or a just coming out book by an emerging author. Found answers to some of my ‘how to’ questions via crowdsourcing an inquiry over twitter. Sure, there is some minutia coming in from a few personal, I actually know in real life, friends. There is also the funny, dramatic, touching, and all too human experience of complete and perfect strangers that regularly tweet who have become virtual friends whose tweets I look forward to reading because they add to my day one small moment at a time. Twitter is a great tool that is helping me negotiate  the shoals of self publishing and submission of the work and remind me that life must be balanced, as each small window into life flashes by 140 characters at a time.

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