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Literary Piracy Grrrrrr!

My thinking was, as much as I think my chap book Chow and book No Red Pen: Writers, Writing Groups & Critique are enjoyable (Chow) or useful as a resource (No Red Pen) these works are not well known. I’m a small fish in the ocean of publishing, traditional or otherwise. Who would pirate my books? So when I first saw Molly Greene had posted Has your eBook Been Pirated, I didn’t read it. Then when part two was posted and the topic came across my email for the second time, I thought I’d check it out.

Who would pirate my eBooks?

Well, I’ll tell you who – General eBooks. And the reality, they don’t care about my books or yours or anyones. They care about who would use General eBooks’ website to download books because when their site is accessed, reportedly what is also downloaded is malware. So, STAY AWAY FROM GENERAL eBOOKS! If not because you have integrity and won’t read a pirated copy of someone else’s hard work, then because you are smart enough to know that malware will attack your system, steal your passwords, and infiltrate your public and personal life and potentially your finances too.

Honestly, the cost of my eBooks is not all the much and there are quite a few coupons out in the wild for free downloads and really, if you are that financially strapped, I’ll spot you a coupon to download the book.

What have I learned from this – yes, even a small time, independent emerging author can find her works on a pirate’s website. What will I do from here on out? Formally register copyright on anything I independently publish.

And thanks to Molly Greene for hosting Kathryn Goldman’s posts about the piracy and to Kathryn Goldman for her assistance in getting my work off  the pirate ship. Sign up for her free report for digital artist on how to protect their work and found out what you can do to protect your digital work. And if you still aren’t sure about registering YOUR copyright, read this post by Kathryn Goldman on Why and How to Copyright Your Self-Published Book.

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Indie Author Stops on the Information Super Highway

Today’s post is about two very useful sites I visit often. Both have useful and interesting topics posted daily that provide insight and information for any emerging writer or indie author.

First is Joel Friedlander and The Book Designer blog where over 700 articles are available that guide and educate authors through the publishing process. Discussions covering diverse aspect of publishing a book are covered from fonts and using aspects of specific word processing programs to self publishing do it yourself issues. Blogging and book design, E-books and E-readers, Marketing and Reviews, Social Media and Webinars, Blog carnivals and guest posts – Joel Friedlander has created a clearinghouse of information for authors. The tag line for The Book Designer is “Practical advice to help build better books,” and that is exactly what the site visitor finds. Looking for more detailed, specific ways to improve your own author toolbox? Check out Tools and Resources, want to invest in some training, click on Training Courses for classes that Joel offers and Books and Guides for links to order his books. Joel Friedlander is a recognized authority in self publishing and book design. Just reading the free resources on this blog provides an informative apprenticeship in self publishing with exposure to many other perspectives via the blog carnival and guest posts that are also part of the site. This is a stop on the information super highway that belongs on every blog roll. Visit often. Follow Joel Friedlander on Twitter @Carnival_Indies and @JFBookman

Next up is Molly Greene who blogs her journey as an indie author with frequent guest posts that will help someone looking at the independent author route make more informed decisions and maybe prevent a few regretful ones made from lack of information. Molly blogs her personal experience, with occasional bits from her real life, resulting in an informal, chat around the kitchen table atmosphere. She talks about the challenges and opportunities for indie authors and brings in occasional experts with interesting perspectives. I’ve returned to Molly’s site numerous times for a refresher on Createspace verses Lightning Source for self-publishing – a vital bit of self-education for the indie author. Looking for helpful, effective tools for promotion and use of social media, Molly Greene has some insights to share. When scrolling down my twitter feed, Molly is one of the authors I most often retweet, her information is always timely to what I as an emerging indie author is interested in reading and need for improving my promotion and self marketing. Another stop on the information super highway worth visiting. Follow Molly Greene on Twitter @MollyGreene.

There are many resources on the web in the community of writers and independent authors. Actually, there are numerous circles (or tribes) of writers and there are many more helpful sites out there. These are two I visit on a recurring basis which makes them definitely worth sharing.

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