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Literary Surfing

When sleepless, I refuse to toss aimlessly and instead get up until my eyes are grinding stones and I’m finally able to sleep. Surfing the web last night I visited Poet&Writers browsing through the Speakeasy forums. This is a gem of an online destination with scores of valuable information for any and especially the emerging writer. I was greeted when I arrived at the site with the surprise image of my own call for submissions and information about the scholarship I sponsor right there on the front page as new threads in the forum. This was cool and surprising and really just fun to see. Poet&Writers is a very useful site, one that I tend to forget is there given the great blocks of time between when I work on writing projects. Now that I’m likely retired from my other part time job (the Army) I am starting to adjust to having far more time available for writing. I was on the site to see what was out there in the call for submissions and discussions regarding various conferences and workshops and discovered a number of useful leads on where to send my work and where to go to work on my work. While I could have spent the time in Azeroth, perusing the Speakeasy threads was far more productive. If its been a while since you dropped in on Poets&Writers or like me forgotten its value, or never been there, there are quite a few gems to be found. They’ve also got a pretty good resource collection called the Tools for Writers with databases of publications, calls for submissions, agents, writing prompts, jobs and more. P&W began in 1970, and is far more than the print magazine that many are familiar with. Looking for a literary event near you, check the calender. By the way, did you know P&W has a grant program to help pay for literary events? There’s a lot of meat on the P&W bone. 

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