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Pulitzer Remix Day Twenty-Four


From pages 276-277 and the short story Bad Characters comes the poem Emboldened.

The presentation of this entry is different from all the others. Funny story – I was on vacation happy with myself that I’d scheduled ahead till the 24th, with enough posts to ensure a new poem each day would publish on the Pulitzer Remix site. Then my spouse reminded me that we returned home on the 23rd, not the 22nd. And that our flight would arrive late and we’d not get home till almost midnight. And with the time difference, tomorrow posts while it is still today here.

And so, I was SOL and behind a day.

And did not bring my computer, being so happy with myself for being ahead a day (I thought).

And this is where I mention I also didn’t being the source text.

Went to buy the e-book. There isn’t one. (I now have a more tolerant attitude towards the Google book project.)

Discovered it was $5 a minute in the hotel business center computer.

The thought of pecking each letter of each word in on my phone was so not appealing.

One day, knowing this story could get you a win in a poetry trivia game….

Pulitzer Remix is a project of the Found Poetry Review.

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