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J. C. Augustine Wetta wins Dr. Ellen Taliaferro Scholarship to SFWC15

From Barbara Santos, of the San Francisco Writers Conference – “The winner of the Dr. Ellen Taliaferro Scholarship for the 2015 San Francisco Writers Conference is J. C. Augustine Wetta, a Benedictine monk. He submitted a beautifully written story with a Gift of the Magi twist at the end. Both Ellen (Dr. T) and I fell in love with the writing and story which we both admitted had us laughing and crying. The Dr. T Scholarship is for memoir writers who use forgiveness to move on with their lives after adversity or illness.”

Congratulations to J. C. Augustine Wetta! Augustine also entered the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Prize and was a strong contender, having been selected in the top nine of 37 total entries. With selection for Dr. T’s scholarship, this talented writer is no longer in consideration for the Emerging Writers Prize. Congratulations Augustine! I’m looking forward to meeting you next month at the Conference!

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