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In November – Novelist Chase J. Jackson

Chase J. Jackson, writes mystery, thriller, and suspense. unnamed-1

VAH: The kick off question is always why do you write?

CJJ: I write because writing is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression. I love the idea that I can create characters, dialogues and situations that people can relate to and can get a message from.

VAH: What got you started?

CJJ: I became a writer in the 4th grade. I remember my teacher gave an assignment with a variety of words listed and we had to create a story using those words. I wrote the story and when the teacher gave me my assignment back she asked if I got that story from somewhere. I told her I didn’t and she said it was really good. That’s when I felt like a writer.

VAH: Who were your influences:

CJJ:  R.L. Stine Goosebumps and Fear Street books influenced me as a writer. My friends and I collected all of them when we were in elementary school.

VAH: What do you remember about one of your earliest stories?

CJJ: I remember writing a story in the 6th grade about one of my classmates. The teachers thought he was funny, girls loved him & all the guys thought he was so cool. So I thought, this guy has to be an alien. There’s no way someone is this well rounded in the 6th grade. So I remember writing a story about him being an alien.

VAH: And your favorite piece that you’ve written?

CJJ: My favorite piece that I’ve written to date is my first novel, Whispers In The Dark. I spent a lot of time working on this book and developing the characters and making sure there was a message that readers can take from this story.


Chase J. Jackson Bio:

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Chase J. Jackson developed an interest for writing suspense and mystery at an early age after reading all of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books. As a teenager, Chase began writing short stories and poetry based on his experiences. After winning a local poetry slam, Chase decided to bring his writing to life through the art of film. During his collegiate career at the University of West Georgia, Chase studied literature, cinematography, and film editing, ultimately graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English. Working two jobs to save money for film equipment, Chase filmed one of his short stories, Paralysis, which chronicles a teenager named Alyssa as she battles with sleep paralysis. In 2011, Paralysis was nominated for Best Film by The Peachtree Village International Film Festival.After college, Chase dedicated his time to writing his first novel Whispers in the Dark. Chase’s goal is to keep the readers interest from the very first page to the very end, keeping them on the edge of their seat until an ultimate surprise ending. Chase’s future plans include writing his second novel, The Parish Prophecies, and traveling across the country to film other various projects.


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Three by Five Schedule Update

Three by Five has really taken off this year. The author interview series that highlights a different author or indie publishing professional with five questions (usually) over three – five days during a month has filled up 2015! During this year, you’ll find the following authors highlighted here:

Currently in March is Laurie Kolp. Coming in April is poet Rebecca Foust. In May, Poet and Novelist Mariah E. Wilson. In June, Canadian Poet Carol Stephen. In July, Novel and Memoir author Matthew Pallamary. In August, Poet and Non-fiction author Bernadette Geyer. In September, Hiatus. In October, Fiction and Non-fiction writer Sam Slaughter. In November, Novelist and cinematographer Chase J. Jackson. In December, Memoir author Kelly Kittel. Then, welcoming in 2016, January’s Three by Five will host the 2015 Runner-up and Honorable Mention for this year’s Emerging Writer Prize, Caroline Zarlengo Sposto. The February, 2016 Three by Five featured author will be the 2016 Winner of the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Prize.  In March, Poet Ronnie K. Stephens will lead the rest of 2016. In April 2016, Science Fiction & Fantasy author Edward McKeown.

Don’t let the schedule deter you if interested in being highlighted in the Three by Five interview series. Additionally, occasionally the schedule is open to change in order to highlight an author with a book publishing during a specific month.

Three by Five interviews publish on days that end in three every month. Find out what why an author writes, what inspires them, who they read, and what their writing life is like. Discover their work and maybe find a whole new author to follow and enjoy.

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