The juju is back.

Returned last night from AWP 2016. I’ll just say up front, I signed up for #AWP16 last spring, long before my year of horror erupted. I was invited on two panels, and both were accepted. Once the tribulations of this year from hell began, I pretty much forgot about AWP. Before I knew it, I had a week to get ready. I almost flaked and didn’t go. Things are still pretty tough even though moving a little forward.

I’m glad I didn’t flake.

The two panels were well put together and well received. I thought we’d be the only veterans panels and I was so wrong on that. A dozen or so veteran oriented panels and readings. I met some outstanding military writers, veterans and spouses.

More than that, I came to the realization that the more than a decade of procrastination on my book, the collection of memoir essays about my military service has been in part due to the muzzle of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell that I was subjected to for all but the last year of my career.

A big ol’  crack in that OD green/BDU/ACU camouflage Berlin wall closet was struck during #AWP16.

I’m coming out from under my rock. I’ve got my mojo back on. The juju is back. The ones who shall not be named be damned with their piddlyshitasshat meddling in my family’s life. If need be, I’m going back to da Nile so I can get my creativity back in play.

That said, sent in my application to the Napa Valley Writers Conference today. (Priority admission deadline 23:59 tonight!). Wrote a book review today. Check it out.

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