Patient Returns

Monday, I’ll finally get the desktop back and with it, all the files used for Three by Five. The interview series will start back up, finishing Matthew J. Pallamary and catching up with the August highlighted author,  Poet and Non-fiction author Bernadette Geyer.

After long and detailed testing, the pesky freezing issue was finally identified. Because it was an intermittent issue, the repair guy spent days and days, running and stressing the system to recreate the issue. Then after replacing the hardware, days of testing to make sure all was good.

I’ll be very happy to get my system back on Monday. I had not realized how much I rely on what is stored physically on the machine. I have a system wide offsite back up, but that didn’t include a means to access specific files. I might have to rethink that and create an alternative access point to avoid this work shutdown in the future.

Thanks for your patience as the patient recovers. sick computer


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