Gone, Not Lost

Recently I surfed back to a journal where I was fortunate to have had some of my poetry published only to sadly find that last year the journal had ceased publication.

The journal was ditch where you find poetry that’s off the main road. In its own words:”Celebrating the innovative, the non-conforming, the radical, the alternative, the avant-garde, the non-linear, the abstract, the experimental.”

This Canadian poetry magazine ran from August 2007 to January 2014, and published not only numerous Canadian and International poets online, but also several chapbooks, and special commemorative pages. Entirely self-funded and supported by its editor, John C. Goodman, technology was unable to keep up with the creativity of work submitted. The web platform couldn’t meet the formatting demands. Sadly, this wonderful source of contemporary poetry was laid to rest.

The site remains up with the archive accessible. Visit and randomly click on names from the Canadian or International lists. There is a plethora of poetry still waiting for your discovery at ditch.

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