Welcome 2015

Wow! I’m having a moment of disbelief while I try and grok that this is now 2015. How did I get HERE? Where is all that writing in 1975, when I was high school, that I dreamed I’d write? Where is all that writing in 1985, when I was just out of college, that I planned on writing? Or in 2005, when I returned from Iraq and started sending out applications to MFA programs (Saint Mary’s College of California 2008)?

Not to say I haven’t gotten some writing done but much of my writing life has been full of distraction and alternate choices. So, this year, I’ll endeavor (not resolve) to do better.

Duotrope tells me I have an overall acceptance rate of 20% and in poetry that is 50%, and that rate is higher than average. (Mom would be happy and proud.)

One in five pieces sent or one in five markets – not sure how that 20% was computed. I’ll keep chipping away to at least maintain and maybe, up the metric a little.

How was your year?

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