Projects in the Shadow

IMG_7061Some of the projects I’m working on are anthologies which I’m finding is a slow process dependent upon submissions from interested others. Then there are my own collections of essay and poetry that I slug away upon. New ideas come and go, are duly recorded into the idea notebook for later consideration. Short term submission deadlines distract me and some projects slide into the shadow until my attention cycles back upon them. I work best under a deadline. Deadlines keep projects on the radar and in the light of effort, not in the shadow of out of mind. A new book comes in for review, the calendar rolls around to Emerging Writer Prize time, I go to a conference and return with a score of new markets to consider…I’m a bit unfocused or perhaps just not focused on writing at the moment. The literary life is feeling a bit battering at the moment. I’ll get back to it, I’m sure, soon. Excuse me while I distract myself with Warlords of Draenor‘s pre-expansion patch. Now there’s a time sink if there ever was one.

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