Ready Set – Emerging Writer Contest Kicks Off Soon!

The 2014 Emerging Writer Prize, awarding registration to attend the San Francisco Writers Conference in February 2015, will begin its reading period in just a few days. Are you ready?

Liz Hansen was the 2013 Emerging Writer Prize winner.

Liz Hansen was the 2013 Emerging Writer Prize winner.

Previous essays are posted so you can get an idea of what the judge (that would be me) is looking for. Why do YOU write? Every writer has a story there, how well, how original, how authentic you tell that in 600 words or less is what grabs attention and gets your entry out of the pile. But you also need an excellent writing sample. Because with the quality of writing this contest receives, sometimes it comes down to the writing sample to parse out who will rise to the top. Good luck. Looking forward to reading your words.

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