Sarah Blum Part III

sarah 4VAH: If you had a super power, what would it be and why that one?

SB: I would fly because I have always dreamed of doing that and was in love with superman/superboy.

VAH: Are you a finish the book once you’ve started kind of reader or leave it for another if don’t like the book sort of reader?

SB: More finish but if it is really bad I will leave it.

VAH: The blank page stares back at you, what gets you over writers block?

SB:I have never had it.

VAH: How keep up with what you send out and results of your submissions?

SB: I make a list of what I sent and to whom and dates and if I don’t get a response or get a no, I move on and keep moving on. I hold a deep faith that I am doing what I am being asked to do and will have the support of the universe even when it doesn’t look or feel like I do.

VAH: What little known fact about you will amaze and/or amuse?

SB: I was afraid of everything when I was a child.

VAH: What about now?

SB: When I am fearful of anything I have many options to deal with it. I use EFT, emotional freedom technique (tapping) or I consciously release it. This summer I suddenly became fearful of going out into the world to talk about the culture of abuse toward women in the military. I saw the Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing with three full rows of the highest level of military men from all the services staring at the two lone women survivors who came to testify and I realized I would be facing them as well. Fortunately for me I had my women’s community retreat in July and we do many different types of lodges/ceremonies and I chose to do a specific one led by two women I trust and value and in that ceremony I literally and actually released all the fear I had and sent it into a fire and into the earth. I have not been afraid since.

Sarah is the author of the book Women Under Fire: Abuse in the Military.

Visit here for a compilation of resources for women veterans Sarah has put together.

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And that concludes this month’s Three by Five interview with author Sarah Blum.

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