Emerging Writer Prize Honorable Mention

This year there were 26 entries for the Emerging Writer Prize. This is about half from previous years. Hopefully, next year entries will pick back up. The three finalists have been selected. Their responses to the writing prompt Why I write as well as their writing samples are undergoing evaluation. There are a few honorable mentions: Kristina Tong, Rosie Sorenson, and Denise Larson all made it through several rounds of evaluation.

There are still a couple other SFWC scholarship competitions open for another week or two. All those who were not selected are encouraged to attempt some of the other competitions.

Next year’s competition opens September 1st. I hope this year’s entrants will try again. Just a word of advice. If you do enter again, make sure you send new, original work. Someone who entered last year entered again, and what was exceptional last year was just stale this year.

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