Poet Mildred Achoch – Interview Parts II and III

Three by Five  with a Glimpse into the Writing Life of Poet Mildred Achoch

Three by Five returns today with a late Part II and in penance for that, combined with Part III.

VAH: When did you begin to see yourself as a Writer?
2MA: When I wrote my first novel when I was sixteen. I began writing it during the school holidays then took it with me to (boarding) school and has my classmates read it as I completed writing it. It was their comments that helped me to see that I was good at writing. But more importantly, it was the fact that I immensely enjoyed reading my own writing!

VAH: What’s your best advice for emerging writers?

MA: Best advice for emerging writers? DON’T EMERGE! Just stay in your closet. In fact, give up writing! Don’t even think of making it your career! Get a nice, safe, 9 to 5 job! However, if all the above words went in one eye and came out your other eye, then congratulations! You are a writer. And nothing anyone tells you will make you quit!

VAH: “A nice, safe, 9 – 5 job!” That’s a great way to sum up what writing is not for so many of us. Now, the writing community – do you have a favorite writing conference or retreat?
MA: I haven’t had a chance to attend any conferences or writing retreats/seminars but I have attended several workshops on screenwriting. I would love to attend a screenwriting conference or retreat.

VAH: Mildred, you’re a full time writer, if not writing, what would you be doing?
MA: Yes, I am a full time writer, to the horror and great disappointment of those near and dear to me! If I wasn’t a writer, I would be the lead singer/songwriter of a rock ‘n’ roll band.

VAH: Certainly still an expression of your creativity. When reading for yourself, what type of books do you most enjoy reading?
MA: I LOVE paranormal romances. I also enjoy science fiction.

VAH: Rock star or Author, who would play you in the Life and Times of Mildred Achoch?

MA: I don’t know who would play me but the theme song would be “Beautiful Day” by U2 because it’s such an uplifting song and I can’t get enough of it!

VAH: You suddenly gained a super power – what is yours?
MA: Speed. So that I could write and type faster!

VAH: Writers read, what kind of reader are you?
MA: I’m the kind of reader who can read three books at a go. One day, I may be in the mood for paranormal romance. So I wold begin to read that kind of book. Then the next day I could be in the mood for science fiction, so I would begin reading a science fiction book. The next day a biography. [Reading] just depends on my mood. And sometimes the location. I would carry the biography with me and read it “on the go” but the paranormal romance and science fiction novels I would prefer to read in the comfort of my home.

VAH: Writing every day as your paying job, what gets you over writer’s block?
MA: The rent being due!

VAH: Accounts due certainly have a way to motivate. Thank you Mildred Achoch for the glimpse into your writing life. The final installment with Mildred will post on November 30th.

Mildred Achoch writes poems and screenplays and has two blogs – Kenya Rock Film Festival Journal and Lost in Cyberspace and Other Found Poems. In 2013, she was a participating poet with the Found Poetry Review’s Pulitzer Remix Project.

Thanks for joining us Mildred. We’ll be back later in the month with more from this young writer.

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