Personal Fundraising

The hard part about a personal fundraising campaign is the asking for help. I watch my four year old, and she so wants to do everything on her own. Don’t we all?



Long ago, when I was in my first REAL job as a college graduate I learned about personal fundraising when after I’d told a colleague I wanted to attend something but couldn’t afford to do so, she encouraged me to allow the people in my life to support me in reaching beyond where I am to where I want to be.

I also learned something there about the difference between scarcity and sufficiency. Believing resources are scarce creates more scarcity. Operating from sufficiency, opens up room for the unexpected and resources to find you.

If you are still reading, here is the most important point I learned from a friend while at that first real job – money is meaningless as anything other than energy. Money is the fuel for what is important to each of us in life. That’s all. Fuel to create lives that are sufficient, not lives constrained by scarcity. Money comes and goes, what we invest the fuel, the energy in is where we make a difference. In our own lives and the lives of those we value, and in the lives of the community around us.

Please invest in me as a writer, a poet and a voice for those who cannot yet speak their stories. What I write more often than not, revolves around answering the question, “What was it like?”

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