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San Francisco Writers Conference 2013

Just a few more days and another San Francisco Writers Conference. Once again, Tanya Egan Gibson and I will present on Sunday talking about writers groups and critique, joined this year by Zoe FitzGerald Carter. This has been one of my favorite conferences for the last seven years. The organizers always do a splendid job creating a conference balancing craft and business of writing. There is something here for everyone in the literary community and for writers all along the spectrum from dreaming, emerging, and veteran author.  I hope to see you there.

Curious about what I’ll talk about? Find the outline on Scribd.


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Tom Hobbs’ Trauma Junkie

Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs is a quick medical drama read. Brian is a no nonsense prior Air Force Special Ops medic turned New York City paramedic. The story revolves around him over a fast paced year during which he travels the darkness of one death too close and the consequence on his marriage while saving lives across the city. How do you save a life when you’ve lost your own?

A constant question of “what comes next” keeps the reader engaged. The characters are interesting and diverse. Immersion into Brian’s world is swift which makes the moments of poor editing all the more intrusive. There are some rough transitions, awkward sentence structure and over use of acronyms and abbreviations that only local New Yorkers would understand. There are long segments of dialogue which are realistic, though following who is saying what forces re-reading of a page at times. Each of these various occurrences bring the reader back into reality from a created suspension of belief.

Tom Hobbs’ medical dialogue and sequences seem real. Issues evoke emotion. A thread of mystery for a past event ties the journey together till the very end when the answer is revealed subtlety. Trauma Junkie is the kind of book to have on your E-reader. You won’t get lost in it but will be able to fall right back in when able to snatch a few moments on the commuter train, a waiting room or in between clients. An easy read. And when you’re done…you want more.

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