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Behind the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Scholarships to the San Francisco Writers Conference

The story behind the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer scholarships to attend the San Francisco Writers Conference.

I’m an emerging writer myself and not yet bringing in more than I send out. I’ve yet to balance money in from amounts paid in reading fees however because I have benefited so greatly from attending the San Francisco Writers Conference over the last few years I wanted to find a way to support other emerging writers to gain that same benefit. Some might ask why would I want to help my competition get better yet I don’t see assisting other writers trying to stake their claim in the authorship wilderness as helping the competition. I take a more team or community approach. Let’s work together. That community attitude is what I found when I first attended the San Francisco Writers Conference as a volunteer in 2007. Hundreds of professionals, already established in the industry reaching out to help anyone interested enough in learning more about the profession of author. I immediately signed up for the next year as a paid attendee and have attended each year since. Every year, I learn more and gain new insights on how to succeed.

Originally, the scholarship was meant to honor my mother, Susan Elizabeth Durfee Hudson and her generous spirit and example in helping others. She always encouraged my writing and I still see in my memory the note she once wrote me after I went to college that simply said, “Still writing?” The scholarship is meant to help other emerging writers to keep at their craft.

Initially, I wanted my peers in the Master of Fine Arts program in writing to benefit as I had from what was offered at the San Francisco Writers Conference. The first few years I set up the scholarship for MFA students. Lack of response resulted in changing the focus from MFA students to emerging writers in 2011 and that increased the participation significantly. The scholarship will continue as an opportunity for emerging writers. If it helps someone move faster on the passage towards authorship that is just great. If it exposes someone to new ideas and means for ensuring greater success, fantastic. Most of all though, if it gives someone a little more confidence in continuing the hard work of the journey towards success as an author so they do not muzzle their voice but keep on writing, then my investment as the person behind the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer scholarship is providing a full return.

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