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SF Writers Conference Done

The San Francisco Writers Conference for 2012 is done and it was four days of well invested time towards developing my writing career. Tanya Egan Gibson, Author of How to Buy a Love of Reading, and I once again led a workshop on Writing Groups and Critique. (If you haven’t read Tanya’s book – Get it! How to Buy a Love of Reading is a page turner, can’t put down read.) This year’s conference was even more exciting for me as No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique was published as e-book and in print and I received the advance copies Friday at the conference. Everyone that attended the workshop received a free advance copy. For those that missed the conference (see you next year), until March 15, 2012, you can download a free copy of No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups and Critique via smashwords using the coupon KL78N. Find copies where ever e-books are sold.

Once again, the poets rocked the house with several well attended small workshops, a great reading by the faculty with music, and late into the night open mike. This is an after-hours event that is absolutely the place to be on Saturday night of the conference.

Following the conference, I attended the San Francisco Writers University sponsored Self Publishing Bootcamp with industry leaders Carla King, Brian Felsen, Joel Friedlander, and Dean of SF Writers U,  Laurie McLean. A well spent day! Wish I’d taken the class before I embarked on the self-publishing trail.

Now the hard work of post conference recovery, follow up on all those contacts, and use that renewed energy the conference always creates to boost productivity. There are submissions to get sent out!

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No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is Now Available!

No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is now available via smashwords

Everyone has a story. No one else can tell your story. The process of creating, refining and ultimately releasing it into the wild that is publication in the world needs to be a respectful one. No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is not an overview of writing groups – it is a manifesto for a different paradigm for workshopping and critiquing.

No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique is intended for those writers looking for information on what to consider when forming or joining a writers’ group and for writers seeking tools for critiquing work in progress. This is not a how-to book for writers’ groups. There is no discussion of specific craft techniques. There are other books in the market that discuss finer points of writers group administration and many that deal with craft. This book is intended to help the reader make informed choices in the marketplace of writing group workshops and provide useful skills for critique consumers. The act of entrusting one’s written work and exposing that product of imagination, heart, and soul to the criticism of others is a risky and brave action by the writer and a privilege for the reader. No Red Pen – Writers, Writing Groups & Critique provides a toolbox for conducting a writers’ workshop and recommendations for critique that fundamentally respects the writer and the work.

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